Ixia Tile Tacoma - handmade tile and architectural ceramics

Ixia Tile focuses on handmade architectural ceramic installations for public art, private and commercial commissions. The creative process includes carving, sculpting, molding, extruding and hand building from slabs. Clays and glazes made in Tacoma are used exclusively. Public art installations in Tacoma include Hops Arbor at Point Ruston Waterwalk, Mc Carver Park, South Tacoma Public Library, Multi-Care TreeHouse, Masa Restaurant and Bellarmine School. Visit the studio and lay your hands on clay to create your own tile durng tile workshops.


Part of my art practice are public installations.  Engagement with the community I live in is a crucial part of who I am. I like to find the odd and strange things that have happened to a place. I am always interested in learning more about the flora and fauna of the area. My public murals are a translation of what I learn of a community and they endeavor to introduce the story to Passersby. Ceramic installations are touchable art – sometimes reflective of light and shiny smooth, sometimes matte and rough under the fingers. They absorb the heat of the sun or feel cool when it rains. I enjoy combining all these elements. My work is affected directly by my love for nature, community and history. I think of my installations as portals that transport viewers to a new experience. Color is an important element of my work, as are the intimate and tangible signs of art made by hand. It invites people to touch and explore.


I use ancient and contemporary ceramic techniques to create sun and frost proof installations that last for generations. I work with locally manufactured stoneware clays and glazes. My tiles are carved and sculpted by hand, then bisque fired to 1888°F and glaze fired to 2232°F in an electric kiln. Modern thin-set mortars with selected additives and sealers ensure permanence of the final installation.

Ixia Tile Tacoma