How Ixia Tiles are made

Ixia Tiles are handcrafted. The relief tiles are carved from original designs inspired by nature and tradition.

The original is cast in plaster to create a mold.

From the mold the tile is hand-pressed and carefully dried.​

Field-tiles, caps and plain borders are produced with the extruder.

The tiles are then measured and cut from a single extruded piece.

Drying can take up to a week. Once dry the tiles go through a first firing called bisque at over 1880 degrees F. Tiles are easier to handle at this stage and are now ready for the glaze.

The glazing with one ore more colors is done by hand. Three coats are applied to achieve durability, quality and richness of color. Multicolored tiles are more labor intensive. During the second firing at higher temperatures

(2230 degrees F) the real magic happens. Now the tile is ready to be installed.Strong, durable and timeless, Ixia tiles are made to last

Ixia Tile Tacoma